Heathfield School Ascot


Heathfield School Ascot

Heathfield is a leading all girl school located in Ascot. TL Fire have been providing the fire protection during which time the fire alarm system has grown exponentially from their original non addressable 8 zone system.

Over the years TL Fire has installed numerous additional fire panels and system devices, until now the fire alarm system comprises multiple, networked systems including a wire free system to the remote sports centre. The system has in excess of 1200 system devices plus fire door releases, sprinklers and access control all linked to a master panel.

TL Fire operates a full, pre planned maintenance programme on the site including the door releases.

Being an educational establishment access for maintenance is limited to term closure periods, and with our flexible customer oriented outlook we have successfully worked within this regime.

Due to the sensitive nature of an all girl’s residential school it is essential that the site management have absolute trust and faith in the service providers they employ. The school has absolute faith in the people employed by TL Fire, where all employees are fully CRB checked and vetted. The fully trained engineers under go regular training on all aspects of safe working on site. All TL Fire engineers carry identification.

TL Fire look forward to continuing our close relationship with the school for many more years to come.

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